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    The items and material here can be used to manufacture Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) a/o Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). While not suspicious in and of themselves, the presence of several of them in one location or by one person a/o small group of persons not apparently involved in legitimate laboratory work of some sort may be considered suspicious and should be reported to the police ASAP.


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11 June 2012


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Thanks, NVUH. Assessing Farmer's actions in "The Bodyguard", he screws up a few times. When he carries Marin out of the club to the waiting limo, the passenger door is closed. He should have trained a/o told the driver to have the door open. When he sees the black truck tailing the limo as they arrive at the house, he jumps out of the car and chases the truck. You never leave the principle. Another; when they're at the lake house and the assassin is stalking them at night, he pulls out a 1911 .45 and then jacks a round into the chamber. A professional would already have one in the pipe ready to launch. Those are the things that catch my eye, and of course, he falls in love with the principle.

Your intel is excellent info for this 2012 election cycle. There will be many important guests at many political venues.

Every one should re-see Whitney Houston's 'Bodyguard'. Kevin Costner's character did a good job, I think. How would you assess his actions?

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