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    The items and material here can be used to manufacture Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) a/o Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED). While not suspicious in and of themselves, the presence of several of them in one location or by one person a/o small group of persons not apparently involved in legitimate laboratory work of some sort may be considered suspicious and should be reported to the police ASAP.


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24 February 2010


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What to add more in this lovely article post. I think it is very well explained and knowledgeable for me. Keep up the good work and expect more fresh content here. Thanks

Well done dude. We have to look out for each other. Our Government sure as hell wont.

Right on, thanks undaunted. You kick ass.

As usual, undaunted, you are a font of useful knowledge.

This is freaking James Bond bad guy stuff. Fantasy becoming reality.
Thanks Undaunted!

very informative article, thanks for the info.
One note...women who have laproscopy (keyhole) surgery are up and around within hours, with no ill effects except on occasion a very sore shoulder which they would favor.
If surgeons can remove a uterus this way, then bad guys have room to insert explosives.

If you take a look at Margaret Soltan's
University Diaries post on Amy Bishop, she
says the mug shot shows a bulletproof vest.
All I see is here shoulders. Recognition of
same, in contexts where one is not widely
word might be cause for alarm. It also would
affect one's response.

How about a review (as in repetition) and
recommendations for action in the situation
such as the Huntsville faculty massacre? I
have doubts about whether or not I would do
better than those there, who pushed the perp
out, leaving those outside at risk.

P.S. Most reports state that UAH was placed
on "lockdown" which might not have guaranteed the carnage that usually guarantees bc the perpetrator (perpetratrix?) was apprehended

quickly. "Sheltering in place" with no
real means of defence isn't really that
great either.

Good question. I should have given more detail. I'll add something to the text to answer your question.


The unsuspecting patient scenario involves a battery embedded w/ the device; based on the article that seems impractical. But still, how many watts does it take to pop the blasting caps ? That would be the determining factor for how big a battery pack would need to be.

My question: Why the emphasis (underlines and red letters) on not even touching a suspected cell phone detonator ? What are the risks of removing the batteries from it ?

Good tips, as always. One sick thought occurred to me while I was reading:

What if a trained surgeon (and terror sympathizer) were to implant such devices in unsuspecting surgical patients? I know there would have to be a lot of collusion involved (whole surgical team, etc), but the idea of unknowing time bombs wandering around?

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